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Above water, Underwater, and Boat lights - LED Flounder Boat Gigging Lights that will light up the night!

Custom Made Stainless Steel Flounder Gigs w/ Aluminum Poles

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LED Wide Flood Lights for Flounder Gigging Boats
We specialize in Affordable, Custom Made Flounder Gigs and Flounder Gigging Lights

Holiday Special - Holiday Special

BOAT LIGHTS - Sets of GRAY 50W (12v) Flood Lights
(*only with sets of four or six)
Set of Four $420, Set of Six $630

Set of Four $420
Set of Six $630


Click here to see more PHOTOS showing how well they work!

Available as 30w (3000 LM) or 50w* (5200 LM) 12volt DC.

(*most popular)

IMPORTANT.....Lights housings for our 50w and 30w measure a compact 7" x 5.5".
do not take up a lot of space, are easy to mount, and weigh less.

We upgrade all the LEDs to the brightest 45mil LEDs. This is EXTREMELY important for maximum brightness. If you shop similar LED boat FLOOD lights elsewhere, be sure and ask seller if they are using Bridgelux 45mil chips. Don't be surprised if they don't know what you are asking them about. Most will not.... Important.....
Do not accept any thing less than 45mil LED chips, 130-150LM per watt.

All hardware (bright bolts and screws) are stainless steel and we use a nylon gland nut on power cord to help in preventing rust and corrosion from exposure to saltwater. The mounting brackets are 5052 grade aluminum.

..... FF-5000HD ... Above Water LED Boat Lights ....
Click above link for the details....!
(This is a Heavy Duty Version of Our Proven FF-5000 UNDERWAER LED Light)

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Flounder Boat Flood Lights
Order info and photos below

Shown above are our 30w and 50w, 12volt Gigging Lights for use on flounder boats.
For best lighting, we recommend three or four across the front and one
or two lights on each side of the front of your boat.

Note: All Sales are Final - No exceptions
(exchanges for different model light will be considered if shipment has not been made)

To order, just click the Add to Cart button.
You can update quantities on the next screen that appears.

No international or overseas shipments.

All of our LED Flood Lights for Boats will include
the aluminum mounting brackets at no extra cost.

50 watt LED Flood Lights

50 Watt LED Flounder Boat/Bowfishing Light 12v DC featuring 45mil LED chips for ultimate brightness. Note: Light style and Appearance may vary slightly from shown.
Grey Factory Paint as shown below.

CCT: 3800-4000K Neutral White
Lumen: 5000-5500
45mil LED Chips
Shipping: $8.00
(Fixed shipping cost)

with Premium
Alum. Bracket

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in the
Shopping Cart



Two 50w
GRAY Lights

with Premium
Alum. Brackets

50W Gray








>>>> SPECIAL <<<<

You will receive the machine cut, PREMIUM ALUMINUM BRACKETS, plus each light will be PAINTED with the Xtra Tough TRUCK BED COATING for greater protection against saltwater.
( $6.00 - $8.00 shipping costs per light )

Click image above to see larger photo...

plus shipping

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in Shopping


plus shipping




30 watt LED Flounder Boat/Bowfishing
Light 12vdc
(50w lights are below on this page)
Note: Light style and Appearance may vary slightly from shown.

CCT: 4000-4500K Neutral White
Lumen: 2900-3000
45mil Epistar Chips LED

Weight: 2.0 LBS
Shipping: $8.00 each
(Fixed shipping cost)
with Premium
30 watt Package - Three 30w Boat Lights
These are the standard GRAY color.

Premium aluminum brackets are included.

for 3 lights
with Premiun Alum. Brackets
Questions.....Call us at 979-532-2577
>>>> WARRANTY <<<<
Lights have a 180 day warranty period.
For warranty purposes, we strongly suggested that the lights be
mounted to a secure, "permenant welded on" bow railing,
Not a temporary railing type mount.

For 2017, all of our LED Flood Lights for Boats will include the PREMIUM,
machine cut hanging/mounting brackets at no extra cost.

NOTE: We offer coating/painting of the lights with Black Duplicolor Truck Bed Coating as added protection to lights. The cost is $15 per light unless price already includes this service. Lights are disassembled and the spray coating applied and allowed to dry 24 hours before reassembly.
The coating provides important extra protection to the lights, important when used around saltwater.

"Xtra Tough" Truck Bed Liner Coating for the Lights
(Amount is per each light ordered, so select correct quantity)


Highly recommended.....If you want the lights coated with DupliColor Truck Bed Liner coating, let us know. The additional cost is $20 per light. This is a tough protective coating and will add many years to the life of these lights.

Each Light

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Shopping Cart

Note: All Sales are Final - No exceptions
(exchanges for different model light will be considered if shipment has not been made)

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The lights above have been disassembled and painted with
Duplicolor Truck Bed Liner coating. We can do this for you if
requested. Our 50w light SPECIALS include this in the pricing...


The 30w and the 50w 12v DC LED lights both put out an amazing amount of light and there is no glare. The 30w lights use less amps to power them. This may be important to you if you are running lights directly off a 12volt batteries without the use of any charging system for the battery. With four of these across the front of your boat, you will have 120w of lighting power and 12,000 Lumen of brightness.

The 50w LED lights may be your best choice if you have plenty of 12 volt power available, such as a 12v dc charging system on board, or have multiple deep cycle 12v batteries.
In this case, the 50w lights would be the best choice for the most possible light.
Four 50w lights will give you 200w of light and 20,000 Lumen of brightness.

Photo above shows our boat with four 50w lights on the front on our boat.
The lights on each side are one 30w light and one 50w light.
The photo is unable to show how truly bright these lights are...!

In my 35+ years of dealing with flounder gigging lights
on flounder boats, these are the brightest and the best I have ever used.

These lights feature the latest in LED technology.
Available in 30 watt and 50 watt warm/neutral white, 12v.
In a 12v system, the 30w light uses 2.5 amp per hour,
the 50w light uses 4 amp per hour of use.

The color temp of these lights is 3500-4000K.
This is the perfect blend of the warmer 3000K
and 6000K light spectrum for ultimate brightness.

The 50w 12vdc lights have a 5000 lumen rating.
The 30w 12vdc lights have a 3000 lumen rating.

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30watt LED 50watt LED four 50W LEDs across front....