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Extended Service LED Lights for Flounder Gigging Boats
We specialize in Affordable, Custom Made Flounder Gigs and Flounder Gigging Lights

New.....FF-5000HD Extended Service LED Lights
50 WATT Heavy Duty LED Boat Lights
(Especially Designed for Above Water Use!)


Available in 2500K Warm, or 4200K Neutral White LED,
50 Watt, 5500-6000 Lumen, 12 Volt DC

These premium lights feature extra heavy duty heat sinks which provide
66% more aluminum by weight to better absorb and dissipate the heat from the LED**.
Designed specifically for ABOVE water use. With 66% more aluminum,
greater heat dissipation is achieved resulting in extended LED life
Completely WATERPROOF: The LED is encapsulated in optically clear silicone,
protecting the LED and making the electrical connections waterproof.
**Compared to our underwater FF-5000 model.
(These lights can also be used below water)

Measurements: Lights measures approximately 5" x 3".
Power wires to lights are double heat shrinked and secured to the back of the light body. This prevents tension on wires as they enter the back of the light and connect to the LED. This is considered our "premium wiring" feature. While it adds to the build time and cost, it results in a much more rugged and dependable LED gigging light. The brackets
extending from the back of the light have 1.35" space between them for mounting.
This is the same as the diameter of Sch. 40 1" ID water pipe, aluminum or PVC.

Optional bracket for mounting lights is available... See photos.

Lights will each have 24" of wire. If you need more wire, click here.
Additional wire (6 feet) can be added at a cost of $10 per light.
If you need more, contact us first to discuss and we can custom
make each light with wire lengths that you require.
Price: $150.00 each (in lots of 4) plus USPS Flat Rate shipping

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Flounder Finder

Set of FOUR
50watt LED Gigging Light
Designed for Above
Water Use with Extra
Heavy Duty Heat Sink.

Warm White Color
5500-6000 lumen LED
Color: 2200-2500K

$600 plus shipping
Flounder Finder

Set of FOUR
50watt LED Gigging Light
Designed for Above
Water Use with Extra
Heavy Duty Heat Sink.

Neutral White Color
5500-6000 lumen LED
Color: 3800-4000K

$600 plus shipping
*** SPECIAL ***
Four lights w/mounting brackets
and 10ft power cord each light
$620 plus shipping
*** SPECIAL ***
Four lights w/mounting brackets
and 10ft power cord each light
$620 plus shipping

FF-5000HD Boat Light - Sold Individually
$150.00 Each light plus shipping,

Click Add to Cart Button below

(Don't forget optional length of wire and mounting brackets)

Deluxe FF-5000HD Boat Light - Sold Individually
with Prem. wiring, Complete Mounting Bracket, and 10ft of power cord
(Includes the optional 10ft length of wire and full mounting brackets)
$155 each plus $8 Shipping

Click Images below for larger view

Shown with our heavy duty premium wiring; Power wires are securely "anchored"
to the back of each light.
These wires will NOT
break or pull loose...

Click above photos to see larger image

FF-5000HD LED Lights are designed to stand up to
use in the most adverse conditions...

Optional mounting brackets for mounting lights
to a variety of surfaces. If you plan to mount the lights to your own
brackets or tabs, the space between the standard brackets is 1.35" and
you may not need these additional brackets.
Price ..... $5.00 per set
Be sure to update quantity in shopping cart to match the number of lights you are ordering.....

Add additional 6ft of wire to each light for total of 6ft. each light.
Need even more? Call and we can discuss it.
Update quantity in shopping cart to equal number of lights ordered.

WARRANTY: Non Commercial use ..... 12 months
Commercial use ....... 6 months

Note: All Sales are Final - No Refunds - Exchanges Maybe Considered
Ask questions before ordering... We are glad to help.
Exchanges for different model light will be considered if shipment has not been made;
If we ship the light and you wish to exchange it, we will do so only if light is not
used and is in NEW condition. There will be a 5% restocking charge.
Buyer pays all shipping charges both ways.

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